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The power of the word

The right word at the right place and at the right moment can perform wonders, but what about the almost right word?

"Open, Sesame," said Cassim, Ali Baba's brother, and an instant door opened in the rock (exactly as Ali Baba described) revealing the entrance to the thieves' cave. He began to pile up bags of gold on his donkeys, not noticing that the door closed after him (intentionally or by mistake Ali Baba did not include this minor detail in his instructions). Suddenly he heard the thieves' voices. Panic-stricken he found that he had forgotten the magic words, which opened the door. He tried all the grain names "Open, Barley", "Open Wheat", but the door stayed closed ...

And in our modern world ...
We are all aware of the damage that may be caused by choosing the wrong word or expression in a presentation, in a user guide, in a business proposal or even in a personal letter. In order to be able to deliver a perfect translation, the translator must be able to understand the source texts; otherwise he will deliver a literal translation that - in most cases - lacks quality and implies the risk of mistakes and bad style. That's why we always have a close look at the texts that are offered for translation before we accept a job in order to determine if we are specialized enough in this particular field. When we do not feel sure about a specific project, we do not accept it. If you want your documents or any other text to have the same impact or maintain the same level of accuracy when translated you've found the perfect translation services.